John Ruskin – Unto this Last Audiobook

I did a fun collaboration with the folk at Cut The Craft podcast. Amy and Brien were great to work with and you can find the first chapter at:

I think that this is a book for all time. And many of the topics (if not all of the words) feel as if they could have been written by contemporary authors. I’ve taken the liberty of creating this abridged version of the book as a audio book over a series of podcasts. Basically the changes I have made are to exclude archaic English and replace these with simpler words that will be familiar to the listener. Very occasionally I have edited out a duplication or passage that I feel detracts from the core message – like a few of the classical illusions. otherwise this is a direct reading of the book into podcast format.

I hope you will enjoy listening to these as much as I did when I read the text for the first time!