These ratings are up to date as of Episode 22, 25 June 2020

A note on Ratings: Please note that the top rating at this point is a 8/10 – the first series is intended to be a benchmark against which future books will be rated, so by not rating a book as 10/10 – I avoid the problem of later books being better and being unable to rate them higher.

Books are rated in one or more categories to allow listeners to sort based on category and find their favourites in this way.

1The Anarchists Tool ChestChristopher SchwarzAll-Round8.0
2The Perfect EdgeRon HockMiscellaneous8.0
2The Perfect EdgeRon HockSharpening8.0
3The Solution at HandRobert WearingTools8.0
4Making Wood ToolsJohn WilsonMiscellaneous8.0
4Making Wood ToolsJohn WilsonTools8.0
5The Handplane BookGarrett HackPlanes8.5
5The Handplane BookGarrett HackTools8.5
6Getting Started with HandplanesScott WynnPlanes6.0
6Getting Started with HandplanesScott WynnTools6.0
7Handplane EssentialsChristopher SchwarzPlanes8.0
7Handplane EssentialsChristopher SchwarzTools8.0
9The Village CarpenterWalter RoseAutobiography7.0
9The Village CarpenterWalter RoseHistory7.0
10Country FurnitureAldren WatsonHistory8.0
10Country FurnitureAldren WatsonTechniques8.0
11The Joiner and Cabinet MakerAnonymousHistory8.0
12Handmade: Creative Focus in the Age of DistractionGary RogowskiPhilosophy8.0
13Hands Employed ArightJoshua KleinHistory8.5
14Workbenches: From Design and Theory to Construction and UseChristopher SchwarzWorkbenches8.0
15Ingenious MechanicksChristopher SchwarzWorkbenches7.0
15Ingenious MechanicksChristopher SchwarzHistory7.5
16The Workbench DesignChristopher SchwarzWorkbenches7.0
17The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Woodworking Handtools Vol 1Graham BlackburnTools5.0
18The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Woodworking Handtools Vol 2Graham BlackburnTools7.5