Ray’s Library

This is a list of items that I own or hope to obtain for the show. If you’re looking for inspiration this is a good place to start as I have compiled book suggestions from as many prominent woodworkers who I respect here as possible.

Recently I’ve been updating my library using the tool Libib.com – Its a pretty cool visual way of working through the entire library, I’d suggest you take a look through here if you are browsing.


Adams, MarcThe Difference Makers
Alexander, JennieMake a chair from a tree
Anonymous, The Joiner and Cabinet Maker
Becksvoort, ChristiaanWith the Grain
Bickford, Matthew Mouldings in Practise
Blackburn, GrahamFurniture Design and Construction
Blackburn, GrahamTraditional Woodworking Handtools
Blackburn, GrahamThe Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Woodworking Handools, Instruments and Devices
Calloway, StephenElements of Style
Chapman, HenryAncient Carpenters Tools
Chase, MaryJohnathan Fisher Main Parson
Chippendale, ThomasThe Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Drector
Clagett, BobMaking Time
Copperthwaite, WilliamA handmade Life
Corn, PeterWoodworking Basics: Mastering the essentials of Craftsmanship
Dillinger, ZacharyWith Saw Plane and Chisel
Dunbar, MichaelRestoring, Tuning and using classic woodwork tools
Ecke, GustavChinese Domestic Furniture in Photographs and Measured Drawings
Fidgen, TomThe unplugged woodshop: Hand crafted projects for the home & workshop
Finck, DavidMaking and Mastering Wood Planes
Flexner, BobUnderstanding Wood Finishing
Follansbee, Peter Make a joint stool from a tree
Goss, WFMBench Work in Wood
Greene, JeffreyAmerican Furniture of the 18th Century
Hack, GarettThe Handplane Book
Hiller, NancyMaking Things Work
Hock, Ron The Perfect Edge
Hummel, CharlesWith Hammer in Hand
Kenney, Matt52 Boxes in 52 Weeks
Klein, JoshuaHands Employed Awrigth
Korne, PeterWhy we make things and why it matters
Krenov, JamesA Cabinet Makers Life
Kreuger, RexOne week to woodturning
Lang, RobertFurniture in the Southern Style
Lang, RobertShop Drawings for Greene and Greene Furniture
Langlands, AlexCraeft - An inquiry inot the origins and true meanings of traditional craft
Leach, BernardThe Unknown Craftsman
Malloof, Sam36 views of a master woodworker
McLaughlin, NinaHammer Head: the making of a carpenter
Meier, EricWood! Identifying and using hundreds of woods worldwide
Nakashima, GeorgeThe Soul of a Tree
Nicholson, PeterThe Mechanic's Companion
Peart, DarrellGreene and Greene: Design Elements for the workshop
Rieman, TimothyThe Encyclopaedia of Shaker Furniture
Rogowski, GaryHandmade: Creative Focus in the age of distraction
Rose, WalterThe Village Carpenter
Roubo, Andre-JacobTo make as Perfectly as Possible
Roubo, Andre-JacobRoubo: With all Precision Possible
Rowley, KeithWoodturning: A foundation Course
Schwarz, ChristopherAnarchists Tool Chest
Schwarz, ChristopherAnarchists Design Book
Schwarz, ChristopherHandplane Essentials
Schwarz, ChristopherThe Workbench Design Book
Schwarz, ChristopherThe Practical Workshop
Schwarz, ChristopherWorkbenches Revised Edition
Sellers, PaulWorking Wood 1 & 2
Sellers, PaulEssential Woodworking hand tools
Sennett, RichardThe Craftsman
Shepherd, StephenShellac, Linseed Oil and Paint
Sloane, EricDiary of an Early American Boy
Sloane, EricA museum of American Tools
Sloane, EricOnce upon a time the way america was
Sturt, GeorgeThe Wheelwrights Shop
Sundqvist, JoggeSlojd in Wood
Swartz, ChristopherIngenious Mechaniks
Tarule, RobertThe Artisan of Ipswitch
Tesolin, VicThe Minimalist Woodworker
Toplin, WalkerBy Hand and Eye
Toplin, WalkerBy Hound and Eye
Ulrich, RogerRoman Woodworking
Various, VariousMortise and Tennon Magazine 7
Various, VariousMortise and Tennon Magazine 6
Various, VariousMortise and Tennon Magazine 5
Various, VariousMortise and Tennon Magazine 4
Various, VariousMortise and Tennon Magazine 3
Various, VariousMortise and Tennon Magazine 2
Various, VariousMortise and Tennon Magazine 1
Viires, AntsWoodworking in Estonia
Watson, AldredHand tools, their ways and workings
Wearing, RobertThe Essential Woodworker
Wearing, RobertThe Soloution at Hand
Whelan, JohnMaking Traditional Wooden Planes
Williams, LarryMaking traditional side escapaement planes
Williams, LarrySharpening Profiled Hand Tools
Wilson, JohnShaker Oval Boxes: Volume 2
Wilson, JohnMaking Wood Tools (2nd ed)
Wynn, ScottGetting Started with Hand Planes