Chinese Domestic Furniture by Gustav Ecke

Chinese classical furniture in the Ming style demonstrates some very interesting solutions to typical problems, some fascinating joinery and some timeless elegance in design. I found this book to be a great “read” – its got very little text but lots of inspiration. Upon reading it’s easy to see why this is considered one of […]

Zany Wooden Tools – By Bob Gilsdorf

Have your kids been nagging you to let them play with your tools? Those tools that my wife refers to as the ones that weren’t very expensive with a raised eyebrow? Or they’ve been telling you how other dads buy playstations for their kids – and when are you going to actually make something useful […]

Hand Tool Essentials by Paul Sellers

At 480 pages long, Hand Tool Essentials is a comprehensive review of a solid core toolset – discussed and selected by a master craftsman who has spent a lifetime working with (and teaching about) the tools. Depending on where you live it might not be the easiest book to get hold of – but I’d […]

Another Work is Possible – by Joshua Klein

Another Work is Possible is a very different take on how the task of building a structure can be completed. With the help of Charpentiers Sans Frontieres (CSF) – the folk at Mortise and Tenon set about constructing a new Blacksmith shop. Part philosophy, part construction log, part beautiful coffee table book – this book […]

The Craftsman – By Richard Sennett

The Craftsman is a thoughtful and thought-provoking look at mankind’s conflicted relationship with technology and craftsmanship. I learnt a lot from this book, but it is a bit of a tough read. You have to be paying attention. A book that I would suggest breaking up over a number of sessions. It’s taken me a […]

The Art of Saw-Filing by HW Holly

The Art of Saw-Filing by HW Holly is a fun little book that takes a quite complicated topic and breaks it down into a very easy to understand process – in a book which covers everything from the finest saw to a monster two-man saw to a circular saw and everything in between. It’s free […]